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Discover the Root Causes of Your Health Concerns and Achieve Optimal Well-being.


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Do You...?

  • ...have health concerns and want to uncover their root cause?
  • ...feel that conventional tests and specialist visits haven't provided answers?
  • ...aim to enhance your overall well-being?

If so, our Bioenergetic Hair & Saliva Test could be the solution!

Discover the underlying causes of...

Eczema/Rash/Skin issues, Chronic fatigue, Chronic pain, Migraines, Adrenal fatigue, Anxiety, ADHD, Emotional/Behavioral issues, Digestion issues, Hormonal imbalances, Acne, Thyroid disorders, Allergies, Sleep issues, Weight gain/loss, Stomach issues, Brain fog, Leaky gut, Weak nails, Asthma/Respiratory problems, Acute bronchitis, Nail fungus, Frequent UTI, Lyme, Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Hair loss, Low libido, Cancer, Joint Pain Fibromyalgia High cholesterol, Poor circulation, Sinus problems, Ear infections, Chronic cough, Auto-Immune diseases...and more.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Healthcare

Identify the imbalance in your body and receive customized remedies to restore balance from within. Our Hair and Saliva Bioenergetic Test identifies:

Chiropractic Springfield VA Restore Balance

Our Hair & Saliva Bioenergetic Test Scans For:

  • 14 body systems performance (integumentary, nervous, respiratory, digestive, pancreas, liver/gallbladder, metabolism, urogenital, endocrine, locomotor, blood, cardio, lymph, immune)
  • 350 food and environmental sensitivities
  • 30 hormone imbalances
  • 80 nutritional deficiencies (amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids)
  • 1000+ of toxins (viruses, parasites, molds, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria)


Everyone starts with a Full Scan to obtain a comprehensive overview of their current health status. After a round of remedies, it is recommended to undergo partial scans, such as the Remedy Scan and Sensitivities Scan, to continue the healing process adjusted to your body's new state. Our doctor will discuss this with you to determine the best course of action based on your progress.

Full Scans | $399.00

Receive a report on body system performance, food and environmental sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, hormonal imbalances, toxins. A 30min consultation with Dr. Candace to go over the result is included.

Sensitivity Scan | $159.00

Receive a report on food and environmental sensitivities only. Follow-up only.

Remedy Scan | $89.00

Receive a report on a new set of remedies only. Follow-up only.


Tests can be paid for using HSA/FSA funds! However, please note that remedies are not covered by HSA/FSA accounts.

Chiropractic Springfield VA HSA FSA


This test not only provides you with information but also offers a set of remedies to restore balance in your body. Typically, 6-8 remedies, including a combination of nutritional supplements, herbal supplements/tinctures, and homeopathic tinctures, are recommended.

No chemicals. All natural ingredients.

These remedies work synergistically to support your well-being.

The price may vary, ranging between $250 to $600+ depending on the severity of your condition.

Chiropractic Springfield VA Remedies


What Our Patients Say

"I did not realized that I had food sensitivities. I feel like a new person after 4 weeks. The pain level have improved a lot, my energy were back, and what's most important was that I am better. I realized that you have to find the right team who cares and willing to help wholeheartedly and not just to make a profit."

- Charmaigne

"Finally found a chiropractor that is knowledgeable, gentle, and actually fixes my issues instead of just cracking my back to make it feel good. I’ve also done sensitivity testing through here which has helped me identify a lot of foods I’m sensitive to and has helped me reduce inflammation overall. They have been wonderful!"

- Allie

Chiropractic Springfield VA Chronic AcneCHRONIC ACNE
"I suffered from cystic acne on my chin for many years, and despite my efforts with 'healthy eating,' exercise, and skincare, I couldn't get rid of it. Little did I know, it was caused by inflammation triggered by foods I consumed daily. Once I started avoiding the foods indicated by the test and started taking remedies, my skin cleared up. Additionally, I noticed a significant reduction in my chronic ankle pain."

- Mai

Frequently Asked Questions

What does $399 include?

The $399 covers the test kit, test processing, and a 30-minute consultation. Remedies typically range from $200 to $600+ depending on the specific issues and their severity.

How long does it take to get the report back?

Typically, you can expect to receive the report within two weeks from the time the testing center receives your sample. Once we have the report ready, we will send it to you via email.

How many tests do I need to take to heal better?

Usually, you'll receive the report via email within two weeks of the testing center receiving your sample. Following that, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Candace to discuss the results and create a personalized action plan for your healing journey. We're here to support you throughout.

What am I supposed to do for sample collections?

Please do not eat anything or drink anything except water one hour before the sample collection. This includes mint products (gum, breath mints, tooth pastes etc.). Please ask Dr. Candace if you’re on medications.

Is this test suitable for babies and kids?

This health assessment test is suitable for individuals of all ages, including infants and children! Common issues for which babies and kids undergo this test include eczema, constipation, slow growth, digestive issues, and behavioral concerns, among others.

Can I use an alternative option to a hair sample?

Yes, you have the option to provide bodily hair or nail clippings as an alternative to a hair sample. Your hair sample can also be chemically processed or color-treated, as long as it is your own hair.

Why does the test use hair and saliva? Is it better than blood test?

The test utilizes hair and saliva because they provide unique advantages for bioenergetic assessment. Hair follicles, which grow from blood vessels, contain information spanning up to six years in the past, reflecting your bioenergetic patterns. This information encompasses resonating toxins, nutrients, and cellular stress throughout the body. Similarly, saliva glands secrete biological information that reflects the body's chemical composition, offering insights into hormones, allergies, and infections. From a bioenergetic perspective, both hair and saliva contain patterns that can be used to assess sensitivities, toxins, and hormones. This holistic approach allows the bioenergetic test to delve deep into identifying the root causes of health concerns, making it a valuable tool for comprehensive assessment.

I’m not local to Northern Virginia. Can you mail the test kit?

Yes, you can! Give us a text message at (703) 278-3877 or email at You can make a payment over the phone and mail you the sample collection kit. We offer virtual consultation.

How is the sensitivity test different than an allergy test at the doctor where they use blood?

Traditional allergy tests analyze blood for antibodies to detect immediate allergic reactions to specific substances. In contrast, bioenergetic sensitivity tests take a holistic approach, considering the body's overall bioenergetic dynamics, including digestion and toxin influence. This holistic perspective provides comprehensive insights into interactions within the body's energy system, aiding in identifying sensitivities and imbalances contributing to health issues, surpassing traditional blood tests.

What is bioenergetics?

Did you know that our body is made up of energy that is measurable? Bioenergetics involves measuring the measurable energy within our bodies. This energy field, known as the biofield, is a product of cell biology and the flow of energy in living systems. Physical stressors can affect our health by impacting this biofield. Bioenergetic testing, also called bioresonance testing, quantifies and records this energy flow.

Think of it as the intersection of biology and physics, where everything in life is described as vibration. Vibration generates waves or ripples, with strong vibrations representing high energy and weak vibrations indicating low energy. Consider the trillions of cells in your body, each made up of atoms with charged particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) that create vibrational patterns. Together, these patterns form your biofield.

Bioenergetic testing allows us to examine the biofield as a whole or focus on specific vibrational patterns within it, like those of the liver, heart, or thyroid. It's a powerful tool for assessing health from an energetic perspective.

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