What to Expect at Salt & Light Chiropractic

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Your first visit – Consultation, Exam, Adjustment

When you arrive at the office a member of our team will greet you and take you on a brief tour of our office to help familiarize you with where things are and what we do.

Your first visit will last 45-minutes and consist of three parts: a detailed consultation, a comprehensive exam, and an adjustment.

During the consultation, we will discuss your health history, challenges, questions, and goals for you or your family.

Once we have a better understanding of your whole health we will perform a thorough physical exam, which includes our unique brain-based “Neuro Scan” and posture assessment. The focus of the exam is to objectively analyze your brain function in relation to your Posture System. The Neuro Scan reveals root sources of pain and discomfort that may be caused by posture distortion of which you are not even aware.

Then Dr. Candace or Dr. Ken will sit down with you and discuss your most pressing questions and more:

What did we find?
How severe is it?
What is my suggested care plan?
How much will my care cost?

We will also set a schedule for your complimentary follow-up exam to help us check in with your progress. Then it will be time for your first adjustment!

Online Paperwork

After you schedule your new patient appointment, we will email you a link to our online intake form. Or you can also fill out our paperwork right from our website. Completing this on a computer or tablet prior to your appointment allows the doctors to review the information thoroughly so your consultation and exam is as detailed as possible. We don't recommend you use your phone to fill out the form as it won't display correctly.

Regular Visits – Adjustment

On a typical visit, a member of our team will greet you at the front desk to check you in. If there is a short wait, you can take a seat in our waiting area until you are assigned an adjusting room. Once in the room, please take bulky items out of your pockets and glasses off, grab a face paper, and lie face down on the table in preparation of your adjustment. Don't forget to RELAX! We've found that lying down in a non-weight-bearing position for a few minutes best prepares your body for the adjustment. Allow 5 up to 15 minutes for a regular visit.

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